The weekend episode of Roadies Real Heroes saw contestant Gaurav Thukral getting badly injured during the task. While he was hospitalised immediately, it wasn’t clear what actually happened to him.

In a long post, gangleader Nikhil has explained Gaurav’s injury. He wrote, “Sadly, Gaurav was injured and quite badly. He was right in front of me when it happened and when I bent down to him, his forearm was bent away from his elbow at an unnatural angle. I immediately saw it was a dislocation and I held his arm above the elbow, his hand in my hand and pulled outward and rotated. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but the elbow seemed to go back in place and I don’t think he felt anything as his body was still in shock.”

He further explained, “By then the doctor arrived and I stepped away while he, Bidhan and Bharg took over, splinting his arm to stabilise it and he was put into the ambulance. We suspected a fracture and a shoulder dislocation – but fortunately, scans showed that just his elbow had dislocated, but he was going to be okay.”

Rannvijay dedicated a post to Gaurav and called him a warrior. He wrote, “Gaurav is a warrior/roadie and in sometime he shall be ok. BTW Gaurav is an excellent dancer and was worried about his arm— just go to his Instagram and see him slaying all the moves right now! Also Gaurav take it from the one guy who has gotten injured more than anyone on roadies that pain is temporary and glory is forever.”

Post Gaurav’s injury, the task was called off. Later, Gaurav joined his fellow gang members during the vote out session.