Staying fit and healthy is an amalgamation of an active lifestyle and good dietary habits. With an increase in awareness among people about health and fitness, there has been a shift in dietary preferences. In fact, there are several reports, studies and expert advice on what to eat and what not to eat.
Amidst these confusing studies, one common thing you will observe is that carbohydrates have earned a bad name and have been extensively blamed for being the primary reason for weight gain and obesity. In fact, this simply shapes our entire fat loss journey and we often think that avoiding carbs can simply help in weight. Well, here are a few facts about carbohydrates that you must know before you embark on your fitness journey.

Facts you must know about carbohydrates
Eating healthy is a task, and choosing what to eat is no less than a challenge. In fact, before you chalk out your diet plan and exclude carbs. You must read on as the age-old myths around carbohydrates have been debunked. Scroll down to know more!

Carbs make you fat
This is a common myth that carbs are the primary reason of weight gain and can be the root cause of several lifestyle diseases. Ironically, people often forget that without the inclusion of healthy carbohydrates the essence of a balanced meal is incomplete. Weight gain is due to over consumption of one type of food be it proteins or any other vitamin.

Hence, to maintain a healthy weight the focus should be on eating complex and the best way to do that is by going for whole grains or multi grains. Moreover, avoiding processed foods is the key to healthy weight management.




Fruits are rich in sugar content

Fruits are a great source of nutrition. However, there are several myths that fruits can be a reason of weight gain due to their sugar content. Fruits are rich in natural sugars and fibers, which make them healthy. In fact, healthy fibers reduce the risk of several lifestyle diseases and plant-based carbs are not as harmful as processed fruit products are! The processed juices and jams are rich in sugar as well as artificial components, which make them unhealthy.


Low carb diet helps to lose weight

There are several myths around the fad that low carb diet can help in weight loss. As per science, going only for a low carb diet doesn’t help in losing weight, there are other factors too that contribute to an effective weight loss. In fact, complete restriction of carbs can lead to several ailments and is not at all a sustainable way of losing weight. Low carb diet often leads to dehydration and chemical imbalance in the body, this is simply because the body uses fats rather than using glucose from food, this results in weight loss, but can trigger several health issues.