From Cosmopolitan

  • Serena Williams just debuted a blonde ombré dye job at Sports Illustrated’s Fashionable Fifty party.
  • Spoiler alert: She looks amazing!!!

Stop. The. Presses: Serena Williams has debuted a brand-new hair colour, and unsurprisingly, she looks amazing. You know, as per usual! After gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Fashion Fifty issue—also unsurprising because she consistently serves ~lewks~—, Serena was clearly ready to show TF out at their party last night and decided it would be super casual to get a shiny, honey-blonde ombré just because.

The last time we saw Serena, she was pouring her heart and soul into playing in the Wimbledon tennis tournaments for the past two weeks. For most of the tournament, Serena kept her hair out of her face (because of sweat). She tied her waist-length curly hair into a bun, accessorising it with a white headband to match her required all-white outfits.

Photo credit: Tim Clayton - Corbis - Getty Images

The new hair is a little bit of a departure for her, but I’m totally here for it. Serena now has a beautiful centre part and loose waves to frame her face, thanks to celebrity hairstylist Vernon François. He left Serena’s roots brown to maximise the power of the honey-blonde ombré, and the result honestly looks sooo pretty. See it here, and be fully prepared to fangirl at how good she looks:

Um, okay—WOW. I don’t know about you, but I suddenly have the urge to whip out some hair dye and tinfoil so I can take the plunge and get Serena’s colour. If my hairstylist is somehow reading this, PLEASE give me a call before I end up doing something I may regret. (You have my number, Olga.)

Now that the Wimbledon tournaments are officially over, fingers crossed we get even more beauty looks from Serena, our tennis kween.