Monsoon comes in as a relief from the scorching heat. The tiny droplets of rain are a bliss for everyone waiting for the clouds to shower their bounty. It doesn’t matter whether it rained like cats and dogs or it was just a sprinkle of droplets all around, we Indians make monsoon a celebration by indulging in scrumptious delicacies. Chai and pakora are the best companions of the season. No matter whether it is just a gloomy day or shower of rainfall, craving for freshly fried pakoras of your choice sees no excuse.
Although, monsoons are fun but due to a sudden shift in climate our environment becomes vulnerable to diseases. Our immediate surrounding turns into a breeding ground for several disease-causing microbes. Therefore, rain not only brings in new hopes and aspirations but also some unavoidable health ailments. In such situations, it is often advised to stay away from street foods and stick to home-cooked foods only.

Contaminated food and water can cause stomach ache, infection, diarrhea, viral fever, jaundice etc. Same goes for your favorite pakoras that can give you severe stomach infections, especially during the monsoons. The vendors selling pakoras mostly reuse the burnt oil to fry the vegetables dipped in besan coating and then keep them in an open space until someone buys them. Such unhealthy junks are exposed to a variety of disease causing microorganisms that can make you sick for a really long time.

We do understand that your love for steaming hot pakora is inevitable but it is also a fact that this unhealthy snack can take a toll on your health. The deep-fried pakora is made in tons of oil along with some not so healthy vegetables and spices. Even if you cook it at the comfort and hygiene of your kitchen still the oil, potatoes, deep-fried vegetables, besan and excess spices together can cause indigestion. If not this then definitely can lead to a rise in blood pressure and cholesterol making your system vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases.

People who are suffering from diabetes, cholesterol or any cardiovascular diseases are strictly prohibited from eating such deep-fried junk. We aren’t asking you to completely avoid your favorite pakora but try using healthy methods of making them, such as instead of deep-frying try baking or shallow frying. Use healthy vegetables like broccoli, zucchini instead of potatoes and onions. You can retain the same taste by replacing a few unhealthy aspects from your very own pakoras and make them a delicious and healthy snack. Also, you can make some healthy yet mouthwatering snacks during monsoon. How about some nice steamed or roasted corn? They are easy to make, delicious and at the same time really healthy.

Jhal muri or bhel puri is a perfect snacking item to enjoy with your friends and family on a match or movie afternoon. You can also opt for some roasted nuts and seeds. The very common snacking item during this season is roasted peanuts. You can also prepare some baked snacks that can match with your evening cup of tea. Once in a while indulging in home styled fried foods such as indigenous pakoras fried in less oil and healthy vegetable is acceptable but make sure you don’t make it a habit especially during monsoons.