Image Source: hindustantimes

His cricket career kick-started when he was picked up by an IPL franchise, since it gave him an elevated platform to shine in the cricket world.
Later, he grabbed eyeballs when he became The Man of the Match in his One Day International (ODI) debut. 

His pattern of not playing safe is reflected both on and off the field.

With his bold choices of both fashion and words, he is called ‘Rockstar’ in the Indian dressing room.
With his convention of changing hair style and hair color, he was named Hairy.
In an interview, former Indian bowler, Ashish Nehra mentioned that Hardik is very entertaining.
Once he saw him sleeping with the hotel room door open, joking that everyone is welcomed here.
His life is a reflection of the quote – Never a dull moment.

When Pandya is on the field, all eyes are on him.
Being relatively new to the team, he has already hit some noteworthy shots with his bat in the ODIs, successfully chasing difficult targets and making quick runs. 

Though he was predominantly noted for his swashbuckling ability to strike the ball, with time, he established himself as an all rounder in the Indian Cricket Team.

Though he is an aggressive striker, he never hesitates to learn the game reading technique from Dhoni. His partnerships with the former captain are balanced by Dhoni’s stability and Hardik’s strike rate. 


Jack of all trades, he is the new generation of Indian Cricket which is fierce and is the epitome of audacity.

An exceptional batsman, this deep voiced all rounder is here to stay.