Image Source: News18

With his immense contribution to Indian cricket, the asli Little Master has established his name in stone in history.

He went past the batting milestones and setting records, hard to keep track of.
A man of strong views, everyone knew he was not be messed with.

Always against sledging, so much so that other teams hesitated doing it fearing it would make him more determined.
Everyone who has dreamed and played cricket, has tried to follow his footsteps to reach there.
SMG was the first to reach the 10,000 test runs.

On the field, he was a general without an army, never accepting defeat.
Always driver and determined, ‘Sunny’ Gavaskar created numerous domestic and international records.
The ‘tough runs’, as what Dravid calls them, which were not just demanding, but deadly were made by SMG all his career.
The former Indian Cricket Team Captain ruled the field when cricket was played with the ‘red ball’. Feels like an era ago, right?

His playing patterns had everything a hard core cricket follower would like to recap.
Be it the balance, technique, focus and excellent judgement skills made him win titles and goodwill as an efficient run scorer.
‘Cricket Napoleon’, as he was known as, was a run machine breaking and re-writing records which were unachievable in those playing days.

He has completed 70 glorious years of his life, and he is still looked up as an ideal in the game.