Amethi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday termed the work of opposition as most enjoyable and easy while addressing party workers of his former constituency.

Gandhi, who had lost the 2019 elections from Amethi made these remarks during his first visit to the parliamentary constituency since after declaration of election results.

“Narendra Modi is Prime Minister, Adityanath Yogi is the chief minister and member of parliament is from BJP (Smriti Irani). We have to do the work of opposition now. You know that the work of opposition is most enjoyable, it is easy. You now have to do the work of the opposition in Amethi”, Gandhi scion told party workers.

He also outlined the need of connecting to people and said, “You know the condition of the economy, employment, corruption so there is no dearth of issues. Every party workers need to get connected to the people of Amethi.”

He also assured party workers that he would be there whenever Amethi needs him, whether at night or at 4 in the morning.

“I am an MP from Wayanad, I have to devote time to Wayanad, but I would give time to you as well. Please do not think I will not come here. I will keep on coming. I was Amethi MP for 15 years, I have old ties with Amethi. Whenever Amethi would need me, be it at night or 4 in the morning, I would be here,” Gandhi said while addressing party workers here.

Rahul also said that his relationship with Amethi is personal and he will never leave Amethi.

Amethi had remained with the Gandhi family since 1980 when Sanjay Gandhi had won it and later Rajiv Gandhi was elected to the seat in a bye-election after Sanjay’s death. Rahul had won it in 2004, 2009 and 2014.

Gandhi, now an MP from Wayanad in Kerala, became the Congress president in 2017. He offered to step down from his post at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting on May 25, taking moral responsibility for the Congress’ abysmal performance in the 17th Lok Sabha Elections.

Last week, he had put a letter on Twitter making his resignation public and empowering the CWC to choose his successor.

SOURCE – Firstpost.