A Mumbaikar by heart, Mister Vice Captain of the Indian Cricket Team is the first-ever batsman to hit 5 hundreds in a single edition of the World Cup.
He is none other than Rohit Sharma.
Popularly known as Hitman, he is a celebrated batsman of the team.


Ro, as the team calls him, is the game opener, first one to take the hit.
His partnership with Shikhar Dhawan on the field is as popular as their friendship off the field.
During 2019 World Cup, he has brought forward his A-Game, credits due to his newborn, making him feel more responsible in life.

Sharma isn’t a car hoarder but he made sure to have the car of his dreams in his garage. He owns a blue BMW M5, which it a ‘hit’ with the other team members as well.
He captains the Mumbai Indians Team in the very popular IPL format and won the last season by 1 run.
This is what Indians call a ‘nail biting’ match!

Among his other achievements, Rohit Sharma is the only batsman who scored 7 innings of 150+ in ODIs; breaking the records of David Warner and Sachin Tendulkar. 


Team is often spotted pulling his leg because of his habit of forgetting things.
Be it his phone, iPod, iPad, or even his passport, he has left it at places hard to recover from. 
Virat, in one of his interviews said that “The team bus moves(from the airport) only after Rohit confirmation that he has all his belongings.”
Though, he never forgets anything from his cricket kit. PRIORITIES!