Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar celebrates his birthday today, July 10. The former Indian opener, who was the first cricketer to reach 10,000 runs in Tests, turned 70 on Wednesday. Sunil has been a well-known name in cricket and he was also part of the team which won the Cricket World Cup in 1983 at Lord’s England. Sachin Tendulkar Shares Pic With ‘Idol’ Sunil Gavaskar From Lord’s Cricket Ground, Remembers Team India’s Historic 1983 World Cup Win.

With over 34 Tests centuries, Gavaskar was a popular name in the 70s and 80s and considered among one of the best batsmen to ever play cricket. Popular has little master, the right-handed batsman played 125 Tests and 108 ODIs for India. On the occasion of Gavakar’s birthday, we look at five lesser-known facts related to his life. Sunil Gavaskar Kept Promise to Ranveer Singh, Breaks Into Jig After India Beat Pakistan (Watch Video).

Switched baby!
When Sunil Gavaskar was born in 1949, he was mistakenly switched with another new-born baby. His uncle, who noticed a small cut mark near his ear while meeting him for the first time, pointed out the fact to the family members. Later, all the babies were searched in the hospital and Sunil was identified with the mark. He was mistakenly exchanged with a fisherwoman’s son.

Say no to Helmets!
Gavaskar never liked to wear helmets while batting and even after the introduction of helmets in cricket, the former Indian cricketer used to play without one. Instead, he used to play with his hat.

Former record holder!
Before Sachin Tendulkar, Gavaskar held the record for most Test centuries (34) for almost two decades. The record was broken by Master blaster in December 2005.

Xaviers’ Alumni!
Sunil Gavaskar did his schooling from St Xavier’s High School of Mumbai, which is an old reputed university situated in the financial capital of India.

Gavaskar- The writer!
Gavaskar has written four books so far. These are titled ‘Sunny Days’ which is an autobiography published in 1976, ‘Idols’ in the year 1983, ‘Runs ‘n’ Ruins’ in 1984 and ‘One Day Wonders’, written in (1986).

Sunil Gavaskar has been a phenomenal cricketer to play for India. He is considered as one of the greatest Tests batsman and opener in Test cricket history. Of late, he has been part of many cricket talk shows and commentary box during international matches.