Researchers from Duke University in the US have found that reminding children of their many identities also showed more flexible thinking in them about race and other social groupings — a behavior that could be valuable in an increasingly diverse society.

“This is some of the first research on reminding kids about their multi-faceted selves,” said the study lead author Sarah Gaither.

Children who were reminded of their multiple roles also showed more flexible thinking about social groupings, said the study published in the journal Developmental Science.

According to Shweta Sharma, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Columbia Asia Hospital in Ghaziabad, it’s great that such research has come out to remind kids about their multi-faceted selves apart from just being the pampered son or daughter of a family.

“It is the duty of the parents that they should make their kids understand the various relationships they share with the other people in their life. That not only makes them a responsible individual but also helps them to boost their problem-solving skills,” Sharma told IANS.

It also helps them expand their life and thought the process that will help them to form a simple, non-judgmental mindset.

“This practice of introducing kids to their various roles also broadens their horizon. They try to look at things in a new perspective, which isn’t fixed by the society,” she added.