Since setting foot in the Love Island villa, Maura Higgins hasn’t been one to hold back on her opinions towards other people. And on Monday night’s episode, she had us LOL-ing hard with her honest feelings for the villa’s couples.

Maura’s been a little unlucky in love and hasn’t had an easy ride when it comes to finding someone to couple up with. And last night she made her feelings very clear about her single status.

Watching over all the couples with Lucie Donlan in the day bed, she looked on in disgust and jealousy – how there were couples everywhere “touching each other” and lets face it, being nauseatingly in love.

Whilst we’re at home, quietly gagging over the love-fest, in true Maura tradition, she ruined a perfectly romantic moment of admiring the other couples and said: “I hope you y’all fart and sh*te yer pants.”

Classic Maura! Never one to hold back with her inner thoughts and always there to get us through an awkward moment!

From the moment she walked into the villa with Elma Pazar, Maura had her eye on
Tommy Fury. But it’s started off awkwardly as they shared a romantic date under the watchful eye of his now official girlfriend, Molly-Mae Hague.

Maura then had the hots for hunky bombshell Tom Walker, but he royally blew it just before they were meant to share a night in the Hideaway. During some banter with the lads, model Tom very loudly said “Lets see if she’s all mouth”, which Maura was not happy about.

Photo credit: ITV

Luckily Casa Amor happened and Maura was back in her happy place; surrounded by new, fit men! Interested in both Dennon Lewis and Marvin Brooks, she came back with Marvin but sadly, that relationship was short-lived. Lucie and Maura chose to dump both Marvin and George Rains together.

Now Maura’s into newly-single Curtis, and with Amy gone, will she finally find her dream ‘husband material’ man in him!?


source – Sarah Bradbury