Millennial Superstar Hrithik Roshan is all set for his upcoming film Super 30. In the recent interview where the actor shared sincere responses, Hrithik Roshan is receiving support from twitterati and netizens from all across. After the twitterati came forward and supported the actor for his commendable respoynse, with massive support across quarters, Hrithik Roshan is trending with the hashtag #BestHRInterview.

Supporting Hrithik Roshan for his heartfelt responses, the people on social media have come forward standing with the actor. Here are a few comments,

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Right from the first dialogue of Anand (Kumar; the protagonist), I could see myself doing the film and saying those lines. That character on paper was an extension of myself. I could see him in my head. – Hrithik #BestHRInterview

I realise that bullies have to be treated with a certain amount of patience, & not be engaged with It is upon the civil society and those who claim to be just and fair to see and observe if there is harassment – Hrithik #BestHRInterview

Kudos to Hrithik Roshan for speaking up and taking a stand in such a dignified manner. His words are honest and straight from his heart this time #BestHRInterview

Hrithik Roshan you have truly won my heart this time. Such a heartfelt interview and it speaks about the kind of person you arean honest one! #BestHRInterview

All hearts for Hrithik Roshan after reading this interview. This man has shown how hatred is not the answer for anything and everything. #BestHRInterview

“Again, only a court can decide the veracity of such claims Not you or I Also, there are always two sides to every story” :– Hrithik #BestHRInterview

Also, being who I am, if I choose to confront as per laws, I become the aggressor If I withdraw from a film-clash that I know has been pre designed, then I become a weakling penning a sob story – Hrithik #BestHRInterview

“I don’t want them to ever be bewildered when they step outside of the secure walls of their house For me, they are nothing but little humans who understand everything I also allow them to express” :– Hrithik #BestHRInterview

Meanwhile, the actor will be next seen in his upcoming film, ‘Super 30’ which is a story of the triumph of spirit in which Hrithik will be reprising the role of a Mathematician, Anand Kumar who trains students for IIT-JEE in Bihar. The film is scheduled to release on 12th July, 2019.

source – popdiaries