Priyanka Chopra invested in and has widely promoted a dating app in India—Bumble. In October 2018, it was reported that Chopra has taken a stake in Bumble and will act as a partner, adviser and investor to the app. However, a Forbes report (via The Quint) has alleged that the founding partner of Bumble, Russian billionaire Andrey Andreev has built a culture of misogyny, sexism, drugs and racism in his parent company.

The investigative report has been filed by Angel Au-Yeung, who has accused Andreev of encouraging a toxic work culture. Andreev owns four popular dating apps – Badoo, Bumble, Chappy and Lumen and Chopra is a stakeholder in one of them. Bumble’s headquarters are in Austin, Texas, while the main work goes on from the London office.

As reported by Au-Yeung, there are allegations of racism against Andreev also. The Quint reported a former marketing executive to have said that Andreev complained if he saw too many dark faces on the app. The employee was quoted saying, “He believed it lowered the value of the brand and made it look cheap.”

Alice Bonasio, Badoo’s former director of communications and public relations says her employment was terminated because she didn’t fit well with the company’s “patriarchal” environment. “The culture meant that for female employees to get ahead, they needed to heavily play the game,” she said (via The Quint).

A few other employees have spoken out against the work culture in dating apps owned by Andreev. The Forbes reports several former employees saying office behavior was hostile and discriminatory toward women.

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