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India is a land of four seasons, and people have all the good reasons to explore it to the fullest. Being a land of values and traditions, bewildering diversity, and places that are more gorgeous than the international ones, India binds all ideas to create a collage of the most intriguing vacation spots ever.

It is most likely the only country that has both hot and cold deserts, coral islands, plateaus, beachesmountain ranges, plains, mangrove forest, rainforests, marshland and more; in fact, you name any type of geographical feature, India has it.

Taking a dip in hot spring is one such travel experience that you can get in India without much hassle, and, in most of the cases, free of cost. There are some states in India that actually boast of having popular hot springs, and most of them are believed to possess medicinal values. If explained scientifically, hot water springs are natural features that were heated and brought up to the earth’s surface by geothermal forces, which often take form of fumaroles and pools.

Hot water springs in India—it is high time that you take a dipCredit: ThinkStock Photos

While some hot water springs have amazing stories attached to them, some are popular for being mystical in nature. Indulging in such an experience will not only be healing, but might also be thrilling for you. So before you chalk out a plan of spotting and dipping in these natural wonders, check out this list that has the best ones curated in one place. Read on!

Kheerganga in Parvati Valley is one of the gifted abodes that is famous for hot water springs. Parvati Valley is home to lush greenery, majestic waterfalls, flora and fauna that will bewilder you, and a trekking trail through the forest, will eventually lead you to Kheerganga hot water springs. The valley has lot to offer to the travellers and the trek has many beautiful spots enroute like the Rudra Nag Temple, Shiv Temple and several interesting rock formations. Therefore, after completing this long and tiring trek, you can rejuvenate by taking a dip in the hot water springs amidst the Himalayas. The interesting thing about the fresh hot water dip is when you take a dip, you realise the water is really warm despite the cold mountains surrounding it. At times, it is quite intriguing to decipher how mystical nature actually is.

Tattapani, Naldehra, Himachal Pradesh

Tattapani literally translates to hot water. You will find this spot in Mandi, situated in Himachal Pradesh, along the river Sutlej. It is around 51 km from Shimla and 29 km from Naldehra. As the water level of the river fluctuates, the water level of the hot spring also changes. Also, this natural hot water spring has abundance of Sulphur, which implies the water has healing properties for various bodily ailments.

Tapt Kund, Uttarakhand
Tapt Kund in Uttarakhand is well-known for its healing properties. People believe that before heading toward the Badrinath Temple, one needs to take a dip in Tapt Kund. Legends have it that Lord Vishnu was so pleased with Lord Agni’s sacrament that he granted him a boon to live permanently in the form of this kund there, and burn away the sins of all his devotees.

Manikaran, Kullu

Hot water springs in India—it is high time that you take a dipCredit: ThinkStock Photos

Manikaran is a major pilgrimage and its hot water springs draws a lot of attraction. You will find this spot around 45 km from Kullu, at an altitude of 1760 m above the sea level. The place with its peaceful environment and serenity draws both pilgrims and tourists. Not to forget, the natural hot water spring in Manikaran should not be given a miss. The water here is said to have high contents of uranium, sulphur and other radioactive minerals. Further, an interesting fact about this natural hot spring is that the water temperature remains above boiling point all the time, however, people can take a dip or bathe calmly.

Bakreshwar hot spring, West Bengal
Bakreshwar is a popular pilgrimage centre in West Bengal. It is also a well-known tourist destination as it houses many hot water springs. Some of the best ones are Dudh Kund, Agni Kund, Surya Kund, Brahma Kund, Shwet Ganga, Amrita Kund, and Bhairav Kund. These hot water springs have in abundance various minerals that are said to have many medicinal properties.

Panamik, Ladakh

Panamik is a small, quaint village nestled close to Siachen Glacier, which is also the highest battlefield in the world. Another thing that makes Panamik worth-visiting is that it boasts of sulphur rich hot springs. These springs are believed to have medicinal properties that can cure various ailments such as rheumatism. Locals regularly visit this place to take a dip in the water. If you ever make a plan to visit Ladakh, mark this spot too in your itinerary.

Yumthang, Sikkim
One of the many things that motivate people to visit Sikkim is the hot springs. The water temperature of these springs in Sikkim remain 50 degree Celsius even during the winters. Known for their medicinal properties, taking a dip in these natural wonders will do wonders for you. Yumthang hot water is one such popular thermal spring in Sikkim, which is situated a few kilometres from Yumthang village and sits at an altitude of 12000 ft above the sea level.