Breakfast should be the most essential meal of the day for both kids and adults as it helps in kick starting the day. Eating breakfast can also help you in eating on time and also to maintain a healthy body weight. Your breakfast items should be tasty but healthy. Don’t overeat, but remember that your stomach has been empty the entire night so eat till you feel considerably full but not completely. There are hundreds of breakfast options you can choose from but if you want to consider its health element too then here we have one perfect breakfast dish, which is healthy and can also trigger weight loss.

Uttapam is one of the most loved breakfast recipes of South Indian cuisine, which is served with coconut chutney and sambar and gunpowder. It can be made with just dosa batter or with a combination of dosa batter and vegetables of your choice. Traditionally, it is made by fermenting the mixture. The lentils and rice are subsequently ground separately and fermented however if you are in a hurry you can skip that part. The outer layer of Uttapam is crispy whereas the inner layers are spongy and soft.

Low in fat but high in flavours, It is a very easy and quick homemade breakfast option which is ideal for people who prefer a low fat diet. The two more variants of it are vegetables and oats uttapam which are even healthier. If you want to cut down on the fat and calorie content then you can prefer consuming plain uttapam.

To make uttapam you need to prepare the dosa mixture with rice and lentils. Then mix vegetables and seasoning in it for taste. Once done, heat up a pan and spread the mixture on it. Cook until it the golden brown and crispy from the top and flip sides. If in case you’re making it with oats then make sure of adding only oats to the mixture instead of mixing it with lentils or rice.